An Evergreen, Seed-stage Venture Capital Fund Investing in Young and Small Businesses in Tennessee

about tennesseed fund

The TennesSeed Fund is a venture capital fund launched in 2019 to invest in proof of concept opportunities in companies throughout Tennessee. The Fund is managed by TennesSeed Partners, which is a collaboration of Three Roots Capital, Meritus Capital Management, LLC, and Innova Memphis, Inc.

The innovative organizational structure consists of a combination of for-profit and nonprofit entities, allowing the Fund to operate as an evergreen investor. The combination of entities allows the Fund to function like an investment flywheel; a permanent source of investment capital to help address a chronic lack of access to seed-stage capital. This organizational structure is designed to generate sustainable investment activity and to produce lasting economic impact within the state.

Grady Vanderhoofven, the founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Three Roots Capital, and Ken Woody, the founder, President, and Managing Partner of Innova Memphis, serve as the Fund’s co-managers, pictured here speaking at an Innov865 Investment Series event sponsored by Three Roots Capital.

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